5 Day Year of You Challenge

Tell me... if you could turn your life around in as little as five days, would you?

Imagine holding a magic wand with the power to make one thing in your life different – better – what would that one thing be?

Knowing what to say yes to, what to say no to and how to DECIDE confidently is the ultimate investment in your brightest, happiest future.

It’s the foundation for creating a life, career, family, and community of meaning + joy, every single day.

If you’ve ever sat back and watched your life unfold as though you’ve let go of the wheel (cue circus music) it’s time to rekindle your sense of ownership over…

your opinions,
your purpose,
your self-trust,
your habits,
your commitments,
your self-worth,
your contribution,
your courage,


Imagine, being the woman who gets to:

  • live a life that feels on purpose instead of robotic or accidental.
  • make choices that feel anchored in your own truth and desires.
  • stand firmly behind your wants, needs and choices.
  • pursue goals, interests and adventures that light you up.
  • And revel in relationships — with yourself and with others — that fill your cup.

You don’t need a New Year, a new month or a Monday. Your Year of You can start TODAY!

The Year of YOU challenge is designed to help you rise above the chaos, the over-commitment, the constant need to say “yes”, settling to please everyone else, and give you back a sense of direction, a feeling of purpose, assurance that you’re on the right track.

It’s an opportunity to put yourself back onto your priority list. AND, I dare you to place YOU at the tippity-top!

In order to set priorities and establish boundaries so that what matters most to us doesn’t suffer, we must first get clear (and honest) about what actually matters to us.

  • Are you craving a better year than the one before?
  • Are you ready to make the most of your next 365 days?
  • And if that feels too big no worries. Let’s start with the next FIVE…

Baby steps are steps too and you deserve a life you can’t get enough of!

Get started today!


Hi, I’m Dana Peever!

LEADING EXPERT on DECISION-MAKING, SPEAKER, AUTHOR of the #1 best-selling book series, 'The Decision to..." including 'The Decision to Purge' and 'The Decision to Live', CREATOR of The 5-Step Decision Smith System and APP and "Year of You" Challenge.

My greatest passion is to minimize the struggle (
doubt, drama, risk and regret) and enable you to make big, tough decisions with courage.

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